A touch of Luang prabang’s charm

In line with its holistic approach to wellness, based on traditional Asian healing therapies, M.K Spa combines Ayurvedic therapies with its range of signature spa treatments to introduce a selection of M.K Ayurveda spa & meditation massage signatures.

Let the M.K . Wellness Centre restore your natural balance of energies, leaving you in a renewed sense of bliss . Meditation Massage features an induigent array of massages, each designed to soothe the body and release music tension through the healing touch of our professionally trained therapists . Emerge from each massage completely relaxed and rejuvenated.

All our treatments ( except beauty salon ) come with a complimentary 10 minute Calm time of refreshments and relaxation , comprising a welcome foot bath, and some post-treatment time to relax over an herbal drink and refreshments. Enjoy the difference.

M.K Signature Treatments

Our holistic M.K. Signature treatments take complete care of your mind, body, and soul. Choose from the unique 90-minute treatment specially designed to relieve stress and renew your energy If you’d like to design your own specialized spa treatment, you can do so using our premade spa treatment template plan. Select your favorite options of essential oils and herbal balms to create a sumptuous pampering experience.